Project Management

Is your company growing too quickly for the resources you have at your command? Do you have one or two “wish we could get to them” projects that are critical, yet seem to fall by the wayside as a result? M.G.C.D. Consulting can ease the burden by taking on the time consuming Project Manager role for you, in whole or in part. We can see a project through from inception to completion, or can get it on its feet and hand it off to an in-house manager at a pre-defined time.

Project Scoping: One of the single most dangerous phases of project development is the scope phase. It can make or break a project. We can help develop a scope that can be handed off, in-house or externally, for bidding and development, with the comfort that what is being asked for is truly what’s needed.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Management: How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? When you send a scope document out for bidding, the responses you get may seem to be written in a different language. We can help you determine the best cost to return ratio for your well-scoped project. Remember the triangle…often you can only pick two. We’ll help you find the happy medium:


Recent Projects



Project Lead - GiveCamp 2011: Coding for Charity event, creating a website from domain acquisition to CMS implementation with rebranding for GPARCC.


Scoping: Development of new specifications for conversion and upgrade of existing integrated installation lifecycle product from Access to ASP.NET tool for The Marlin Company.


Design/Implementation: Private label credit card to customer file matchout/validation for Boston Apparel Group