Systems Integration

M.G.C.D. logo   Is your old AS400 data locked away like a drum ever since you converted to that new ERP?


Do you have mission-critical web files which aren’t synched with your mainframe?


Does your SalesForce data lag behind your Order Processing system by weeks?


When you ask for a new report, have you been told “we can’t get that” by the company that installed your newest CRM package?


M.G.C.D. Consulting can facilitate improved access to your data by creating integration and reporting tools developed to your specifications. Whether it’s custom data analysis or import/export files for outside systems, if it’s in there, we can get it out. From 1000 records to 100,000,000, your data will be analyzed, scrubbed, and reformatted to your needs, without destroying the integrity of the raw data.

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