Technical Writing


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Users' Manuals: Document existing systems with screen shots and clear, step-by-step instructions, incorporating the language and terminology your users provide.


Technical Documentation: Document the back ends of in-house tools such as databases. This includes critical elements such as the indexes, structures and relationships of tables, code blocks, and usage details, providing clarity for developers you bring in late in the project.


Procedural Manuals: Turn user knowledge into how-to manuals for colleagues by documenting the company's procedures more thoroughly.


Technical Writing



One of the last pieces to fall into place in any system conversion or training session invariably seems to be the documentation. M.G.C.D. Consulting can pull together the know-how stuck only in your staff’s brains and put it down on paper, crafting procedural manuals, user documentation, and even technical documentation for your developers. Whether for one of our own products or for something already in-house, we’re happy to oblige.