Custom Training & Curriculum Development


  M.G.C.D. Consulting provides custom training for your staff, from office administrators to in-house developers. All curricula are tailored to your company’s specific needs based on the particular products you use and how you use them. If your company never uses graphs and charts, we won’t waste time on those features. If a number of your communications would benefit from templating or mail merge features, we’ll take specific examples and use them in our training session to bring relevance to all levels of user:


All Users - Office Productivity: M.G.C.D. Consulting can provide training for your staff to make the most of everyday office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Advanced Users - Tool Creation: We can train experienced office users on low level development tools for office productivity, such as advanced Excel features and introductory Access database creation.

Developers - Development Support and Advanced Tool Creation: M.G.C.D. Consulting can train in-house developers in language based programming, database structural development, and best practices for code reusability.

Users Manual Development and Custom Software End User Training: Sometimes the training manuals that come with a new piece of software, especially a customized one, aren’t adequate to the specific needs of the company’s users. M.G.C.D. Consulting can sit with your most experienced users and draw out the how and why of what is done with such a tool and turn it into users manuals that mean something, and into custom curriculum for any new users brought in at a later date.

Procedural Manual Development: When there is turnover or expansion in a business, transfer of knowledge is critical. Failure to document corporate procedures can waste valuable time and money as methodologies are either reinvented or uncovered through trial and error. M.G.C.D. Consulting can sit with your key employees and shadow them, asking the right questions and taking the right notes to develop corporate procedural manuals that make these transitions smoother.

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Training Details



Facilities: Training facilities can either be set up in your offices or rented from a nearby service provider, as works best for your needs.


Scheduling: Classes can be scheduled for half or full day sessions. If more than one session is needed, multi-day classes are an option, either in a block or recurring weekly.


Equipment: If your company does not have enough equipment available, M.G.C.D. Consulting can arrange rentals.